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Assessment of Teaching and Learning Resources

UCM SATAL Panel of Students - Prezi w/ videos

SATAL video to show before final course evaluations.

Assessment of Teaching and Learning Resources:

Active Learning:

University of Minnesota:

Active-Learning Library

Reconsidering the Think-Pair-Share


COPUS Guidelines

COPUS Handout copus_ho.docx

 LOPUS & CDOP Handout cdop_ho.docx

Data-driven professional development: Closing the Assessment Cycle Slides 

The Opening and Closing of Class [handout]

Improving Teaching and Learning:

Faculty Academy on Teaching First Year Students:

Small changes can make a big difference - Handout.pdf

Writing and Using Student Learning Outcomes


 Vanderbuilt frameworks & learner-centered approachResources for students

How do I participate Handout.pdf

Curriculum Development

Association of American Colleges and Universities LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes

Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning

Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at the Univesity of British Columbia

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs): Vanderbilt University, The George Washington University, IOWA State University, 50 CATS by Angelo and Cross, Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center, University of Minnesota

Creating Significant Learning Experiences and HETL interview with Dr. Dee Fink

Overall resources: Portland State University,  University of Michigan, Harvard, Bok Center, Vanderbilt University.

Assessing Student Learning

Assessment CommonsInternet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

Brown University, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning: Assessment Overview and Best Practices

Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center: Assess Teaching and Learning

Cornell University, Center for Teaching Excellence: Assessment Resources

Derek Bok, Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvart University: Course Assessment & Grading and Feedback

DePaul University, Office for Teaching, Learning and Assessment: The Value of Formative Assessment in the Classroom

Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT)

Michigan State University, Office of Faculty and Organizational Development: Mid-Term Feedback

MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Assessment and Evaluation

Stanford University, Teaching Commons: Teaching Services

The McGraw Center, Princeton University: Using Students Evaluation to Promote Learning

University of Michigan. Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: Collecting Data about Student Learning

University of Pennsylvania, Center for Teaching and Learning: Support for Teaching

60 Formative Assessment Tools. Compiled by K Lambert, OCPS Curriculum Services, 2012

53 Ways to check understanding. Compiled by Finley, Edutopia, 2016

Knowledge Survey

Knowledge Surveys: Students ability to self-assess

The use of knowledge surveys as an indicator of student learning in an introductory Biology course

Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Benton, Steven, Idea Papers. Student Ratings of Teaching

Carbone, Nick (2014) Suggestions for Teaching College Students how to Write a Teaching Evaluation

Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center: Assessing Your Teaching

Cornell University, Center for Teaching Excellence: Documenting Teaching

Derek Bok, Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvart University: Teaching Portfolio

The McGraw Center, Princeton University: Reading Students Evaluations

University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching: Evaluation of Teaching; Student Ratings of Instruction

Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching: Teaching Portfolio