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SATAL Research

(2021) Look Who's Talking: Teaching and Discourse Practices across Discipline, Position, Experience, and Class Size in STEM College Classrooms

(2021) Investigating students' experiences and perceptions of a flipped and adaptive online engineering thermodynamics. International Journal of Engineering Education class

 Signorini, A., Abuan, M., Panakkal, G., Dorantes, S. (2020) Students Helping Students Provide Valuable Feedback on Course Evaluations. To Improve the Academy vol. 39 issue 2. Published by Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library http://10.3998/tia.17063888.0039.204

(2020) “I never realized…": Shared outcomes of different student-faculty partnership approaches to assessing student learning experiences and evaluating faculty teachingJournal of Higher Education Theory and Practice. DOI: 10.33423/jhetp.v20i7.3160

(2019) Exploring the impact of The Students Assessing Teaching and Learning ProgramInternational Journal for Students as Partners DOI: 10.15173/ijsap.v3i2.3683

2018 SATAL Program Project's "Students Helping Students Provide Valuable Feedback on Course Evaluations" POD Innovation Award Winner &

2019 Menges Outstanding Educational Research Award Winner.

SATAL Program is highlighted in CHEA award in 2012

SATAL Program 2011 POD Innovation Award Finalist

SATAL Coordinator 2011 Staff Award Winner 

What Professor can Learn about Teaching from their Students - November 2017

Involving Undergraduates in Assessment: Assisting Peers to Provide Constructive Feedback. Assessment UPdate. November - December 2014. Volume 26, Number 6.

Involving Undergratuates in Assessment: Documenting Student Engagement in Flipped ClassroomsDecember 2013 - National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

UC Merced Panorama Publication for Staff and Faculty Assessment Coordinator studies Student Learning Outcomes 

CRTE Newsletter

Raising the Issue of Online Course Assessment - January 2013 - CRTE Newsletter 

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SATAL Can Support Your Quest for Getting More Information About Student Learning - August 2010 - CRTE Newsletter 

SATAL: Students Assessing Teaching and Learning - April 2010 - CRTE Newsletter 

The Student's Perspective - December 2009 - CRTE Newsletter 

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