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Pedagogy Guides

The biggest investment we can make to enhance our teaching is to understand the learning process and subsequently tailor our efforts to produce maximal learning (DiPetra, 2021).

Welcome to our collection of student-centered pedagogy guides. As you move through these curated resources, materials, and examples, you may have questions or need further assistance. Please feel free to reach out to the Teaching Commons team for more support. 

Course Design and Frameworks

Assessment and Feedback

Engaging Learning Experiences

Special Topics and Advanced Practices

Course Design and Frameworks

Assessment and Feedback 

Engaging Learning Experiences 

Special Topics and Advanced Practices (Coming Soon)

  • Teaching 21 Century Skills and Soft Skills

    • What Are Soft Skills? Why Soft Skills Matter?

    • Strategies for Integrating Skills

  • Flipping the Classroom 

    • What Is A Flipped Class? Why Flip?

    • Flipped vs. Hybrid vs. Hyflex

    • Strategies for Effectively Implementing a Flipped Model

  • Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURES)

    • Evidence from CURES

  • Working with a Learning Assistant